Design is human-centric first. Always. Those who know me, know that I live and breathe design. Website design, product design, UX (User Experience) design - you name it, I’ve designed it. Along the way, I’ve learned that ALL good design is created by people, for people. To design is to create with a purpose. To design is to have a vision. To design is to put yourself in someone else shoes and ask yourself - will this help others understand? Working with professionals from small startups to large enterprises has taught me that the role of a designer is to guide. Good design helps users find what they’re looking for, navigate the interwebs, and discover that which they didn’t even know they wanted. Guiding digital product users towards their success - whatever success means to them - is what I teach my students. It’s how I lead my project team as a senior UX/IU designer at Emergn. It’s what I practice in my freelance projects. It’s how I run my project - Ideapartners. My childhood dream was to become a pilot. Now I spend each day guiding my friends, business partners, students, and clients towards more empathy, understanding and excellence in the field of design.

Editor of uxtribe